Title: Come Into Being
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters: Regina Mills, Emma Swan, Henry Mills, Prince Charming, Snow White
Category: Fluff, Angst, Season 3 Fix-It Fic
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 33,608 (Total)
Summary: Regina Mills wakes up alone on one of the most important - and terrifying - days of her life. But it isn't all bad. Not until things take a turn for the worse. It was a long journey to get to where she and Emma Swan are now. Will it all have been for naught?
Spoilers/Timeline: Post Season 3/ 10 years down the road
Author’s Note: Aw, man. Writing's been something I haven't done much if any of the past few years. So how did I dive back in? With the Swan Queen Big Bang: Banging All Summer, of course. And it was a total blast. Many thank yous to the organizers. They did a wonderful job.
Many, many thanks to ohthesefeelingz for betaing this monstrosity for me, and to ludivinelaurel for her encouragement and support throughout writing this thing. I was feeling pretty jammed with this fic when I got her note cheering me on.
Warnings: Non-graphic mention and reference to the non consensual nature of Leopold's relationship with Regina.


The soft sigh of the door sliding shut and the faint click as it slipped back into place woke Regina. It didn’t take much. She had only drifted in and out of sleep the night before, but it wasn’t nightmares or the stress of the upcoming day that had kept her awake. It was the absence of warmth, the way the bed didn’t shift under slight movements and changes of position that weren’t her own, the occasional knee in her back, and cold toes slipped between her thighs seeking out warmth. It was because of the woman currently sneaking back into her bedroom.

Regina couldn’t hold back the smile that curled over her lips. She was glad the hair falling forward over her face would hide it. She would have buried her face further into the pillow she clutched in both arms if it wouldn’t have given her away. As it was, she made an effort to keep her breathing slow and steady. She wanted to see what Emma had in mind.

Though her eyes were still closed it was easy enough to follow Emma’s movement through the room. Faint creaks alerted her as Emma tried to tiptoe across the wooden floor toward the bed. Even after sharing Regina’s bed for a decade, she still wasn’t as adept at avoiding the loose floorboards as Regina or even Henry. The faint rustle of clothing made Regina strain to pick out something more concrete. She couldn’t tell...two gentle thumps of something more solid hitting the rug beside the bed made Regina smile again. Now that noise was easy enough to identify; she heard it every night after all, as Emma slipped off her boots and got ready to come to bed. A muted squeak and another thud followed, not as heavy and resounding as the first two. Regina’s brows furrowed as she thought. Perhaps Emma’s leather jacket being casually thrown over the chair in the corner of the room. How many times would she have to remind the woman to hang it up instead of leaving it draped over furniture throughout the house? It was ridiculous.

The soft rustle of more fabric being dropped to the floor caught Regina’s attention, followed by the scrape of jeans being pulled down and then summarily kicked away. Emma must be down to next to nothing by now. Did she still have on a bra? Or perhaps she had only pulled on an undershirt this morning. Regina couldn’t remember what Emma had been wearing when she left the night before. She had been too busy slipping her hands under Emma’s shirt, seeking bare skin that burned against her fingers with the rightness of them. The way their bodies had been pressed against one another without a breath of air between them as she kissed Emma senseless was etched into her memory with an intensity that would never fade.

Regina bit her lip. Perhaps Emma was wearing her red thong. It was too much to hope that it was the entire matching set. Emma wasn’t nearly so coordinated without Regina’s direct intervention unless she was planning something special. It wasn’t likely that Emma had thought so far the night before. Her decision to go had been spur of the moment and nothing Regina had said had been able to persuade her to stay. A smile curved over Regina’s lips as she remembered just how she had tried to convince Emma.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Emma had insisted, pulling her hair back into a messy ponytail even as she bent down to kiss Regina again.

Regina had clung to her, one hand slipping behind her neck and the other curling around Emma’s waist to pull the other woman down to her. “Don’t go,” she had murmured. She wouldn’t plead. Instead she had nipped at Emma’s bottom lip and let her nails dig into the sensitive skin at the back of Emma’s neck.

“Regina,” Emma had whimpered and for a moment, Regina thought she had caved. Then Emma had straightened, almost pulling Regina up with her, the muscles of her back and neck rippling with the strength it had taken to pull that off. “I have to go. We don’t need any more bad luck.”

Regina had huffed and sat back against the headboard. “It’s nothing more than a ridiculous superstition, dear. One that I cannot believe you hold.”

Emma had quirked a smile at her as she flipped her hair out from beneath the back of her shirt. “Humor me?”

“You’re lucky I love you,” Regina had grumbled, turning away to pluck up the book that had been sitting on the bedside table and thumbing through it idly.

“Damn straight,” Emma had agreed, leaning in to brush her lips across Regina’s once more before she stood. “I’ll let Henry know what’s up before I go so he doesn’t worry.”

“Mmm,” Regina hummed, feigning focus on her book. It wouldn’t do to watch Emma walk away.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Emma pause by the bedroom door. “I love you.”

The slight lift of Emma’s voice at the end might have once made Regina think it was a question, something that Emma wasn’t certain of. Regina knew better now. It was a request and, for all her irritation with Emma’s decision that evening, it was a request Regina couldn’t help but fulfill. She had let her book fall into her lap and lifted her head to gaze fully at Emma. She had smiled and tried to ignore the pang in her heart, the part of her that wanted to pull Emma back to bed, not because she couldn’t live without her but because she didn’t want to. She hadn’t gone yet and Regina already missed her. It wasn’t fair. “I love you, darling.”

Emma had laughed, as if she hadn’t been poised, waiting for those words. “Night, babe.” She had blown Regina a kiss and darted out the door, pulling it shut behind her. Regina had shaken her head and listened to Emma make her way down the hall, then the faint murmur of voices as she spoke to Henry before she picked up her book.

The bed shifted under someone else’s weight. Regina imagined Emma pressing her knee into the edge and then trying to slide, in what she believed was stealth, beneath the covers. Arms slipped around Regina’s waist and lips pressed against her shoulder, skin bared where silk had slipped down in her sleep. Emma shifted again until the line of her body was pressed against Regina’s, warming her back pleasantly. She couldn’t resist the urge to wiggle back against Emma, snuggling closer. Emma chuckled and nuzzled into Regina again. “I knew you were faking it.”

“The first and only time you’ve had cause to say that in our bed, Miss Swan,” Regina pointed out, her voice rough from sleep. She hadn’t rolled to face Emma yet, content to stay where she was in the circle of Emma’s arms.

“Damn straight, Madame Mayor,” Emma agreed. Her lips brushed across Regina’s skin again, leaving a trail of delicate kisses up to the base of her throat.

“I thought this was bad luck,” Regina said, after a few moments of lying there in shared silence.

“Yeah, no, that was just about last night.” Emma’s hand trailed down her back until it came to rest on the swell of her ass.

Regina laughed and finally turned to face her. “I think you just couldn’t stay away from me, dear.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Emma disagreed, but she didn’t resist as Regina slid her hand into Emma’s hair and stroked her cheek with her thumb. Their lips met gently, once and then again, before Regina deepened the kiss and tugged Emma down closer to her. The weight of Emma’s body against her own grounded her, kept her from floating away on this wave of pure happiness. It left her feeling almost delirious.

Regina sighed, breathing out against Emma’s lips and letting her forehead rest against Emma’s. Her fingers slid down to brush across Emma’s lips, the ghost of a caress before her hand dropped down to rest against her chest. “I’m glad you came home.”

“Missed me?” Emma teased.

“Mmm,” Regina agreed, letting her voice deepen and her hand trail lower. “I thought about you last night, when you were gone and I was all by myself in our bed.”

Emma gulped, pushing herself up on her elbows to look at Regina. “Seriously?”

Regina gave a little half-shrug. “I missed you.”

“Damn,” Emma cursed, and rolled to fall onto the bed beside Regina. “I’m an idiot.”

“Indeed.” Regina purred. “You shouldn’t have gone.”

Emma must have heard something in her voice because she shot back up to a sitting position. “You didn’t really. You’re just saying that to drive me crazy.”

Regina folded her arms across her chest and raised an eyebrow at Emma. “You’ll never know, dear.”

Emma moaned and dropped her head to rest against Regina’s shoulder. “You’re evil.”

“Yes, dear. You may remember a moniker I was given along those lines,” Regina pointed out, taking no offense at Emma’s statement, enjoying it even. There was no doubt in her mind how Emma meant it.

“It rings a bell,” Emma admitted, just as playfully.

“You should consider it,” Regina said, stroking the hair back from Emma’s face and tucking it behind her ear so Regina could see her clearly. “Today is rather final, after all.”

“Nuh-uh,” Emma said, shaking her head. “I knew what I was getting into, Regina Mills. I’m not letting you get away again.” She paused for dramatic effect. “Even if I always do find you.”

Regina scoffed, nudging Emma away from her with her foot. “Enough of that, dear. We are not your parents.” Regina shuddered and then rolled to the edge of the bed. She sat up and took the robe from the bed, then stood to slip it on. Regina could feel Emma’s eyes on her as she walked toward the closet. “What?” she demanded when she couldn’t take Emma’s staring any longer.

“Nothing,” Emma said, but she belied her words by crossing the room to slip her arms around Regina once more. “Just thinking about how much I love our family and how happy I am to be marrying you today.”


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This is something different for me to read & I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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Thanks! I appreciate you taking a chance on this one. I know the formatting is a little different but I hope it's worth it in the end.


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