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( Jan. 30th, 2013 08:46 pm)
Max - Maximus, Maxi, Maxwell, Maximilliam, and occasionally Maxi-Pad - he of the many names, was eleven years old this January. We've had him since he was a little puppy that looked like nothing more than a poofy rug than a breed once cultivated by royalty. I was fourteen when we got him and I didn't want him. We'd had two dogs - Dodger and Joe - a English Springer Spaniel and purebred Labrador Retriever respectively for a while. Dodge was probably four or five years old and Joe was just a puppy, about six months old at the time, but he was already shaping up to be an awesome hunting dog. They got out the front door one day, plowing out before their leashes were on and darted across the four-lane-at-that-time-undivivided-highway. They were fine until they tried to come back across the road and then there was a sudden, a little unusual, burst of traffic. I saw them both get hit. I won't go into details here, but even now, over a decade later I still remember how it happened like it was in slow motion and all the weird little emotions and things you remember that come with it.

My sister is big on getting another dog. She's always had dogs and she wanted another one immediately. It's how she copes, I guess. I'm pretty much the opposite. My pet dies; I have the urge to never get attached to anything ever again. I don't want to replace anything. It's not good or bad, just a thing. But she got Max, the little shit, and I spent the first two months we had him not getting attached and calling him the suicide dog because he did his best to kill himself about four different ways.

He weighed barely two pounds probably and managed to sit in an fire ant bed and get covered from head to tail in bites. A few scant days later, he managed to ingest some rat poison. Less than a week after that at a friend's house, it was some bug poison. I kind of hated him for almost dying on me so many times when I didn't like him and didn't want him anyway. I didn't want to care. But the little shit kept living. For a long, long time. Longer than any dog I ever had, except for the first one that I grew up with. I sort of thought that Maxi might be around forever.

About two weeks ago we found out that he had Cushing's disease and his prognosis wasn't looking good. We knew he was old and had pretty bad arthritis anyways. We didn't want him to suffer. Then he got a puncture wound in his paw. We're not sure how - no one was out there at the time. There's a possibility that it was a snake bite. But at any rate after he got the wound, he was way worse. He was shaking all the time and laying around on the floor with sad eyes. He couldn't even jump up on my sister's bed anymore - always, always his favorite spot.

He was a spoiled, whiny, neurotic little shit, prone to barking at people he knew really well at super inconvenient hours of the night. He was worthless and kind of snooty and I'm crying as I type this 'cause I miss him. He was cute and his tail uncurled, but only when he was depressed and he always knew when you were sad or upset and he'd stick close or come up and nuzzle your hand. I miss the little guy. I don't want to forget him. So this is for Maxi. I wish I could pick him up and give him one last hug, scratch his ear.
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( Nov. 7th, 2012 09:44 am)
There are no words for how happy, excited and giddy with relief that I was both last night and this morning. I'm not as up as some on the electoral map. I only knew vaguely which states Obama was supposed to win and which ones were a lock for Romney. It looked pretty scary as the electoral votes came in. First Romney was in the lead, then Obama caught up, then Romney led again. And it was getting seriously nerve wracking. I remember Bush/Kerry. It was nerve wracking too and it came minus that happy ending. 

Last night, thank god, was different. Barrack Obama won and in January we'll celebrate his inauguration again. I couldn't be happier. 

Gay marriage was upheld in Maryland and Washington State, passed in Maine, not smacked down some more in Minnesota. All in all it was a damn good day to be a lady and gay. Very good. 

A law was passed in Massachusetts legalizing medical marijuana, while Colorado and Washington state made it legal for use without a doctor's prescription. It will be very interesting to see if those law goes to the Supreme Court with a case. I've been for legalizing marijuana for some time now, but I worry a little that it will hurt people who have legitimate, serious addictions. I don't think marijuana is as bad as some drugs but people who have addictions tend to deny that they're addicted. Making this legal will make it easier for them to deny that they're intoxicated/doing anything wrong/not sober. I hope people are still able to get the help they need. ::shrug:: 

And as for my beloved current state (/sarcasm) we passed the amendment leaving racist language in our constitution. The infuriating part is that it was HIGHLY NECESSARY because without leaving that in it would have stripped away the right of the children of this state to have an education. How fucked is that? We have to keep racist language to protect children's education. Hopefully at some point in the future the legislature of this state and it's people will get their heads out of their asses and fix this so that the children of this state can both be proud of their state for not having racist language in its constitution and still get to be educated. Fingers crossed. 

As for my election day drabbles. I'm not taking any more prompts, but I will finish writing the ones that I've already gotten and at some point I'll post the ones that I got on [livejournal.com profile] passion_perfectand [livejournal.com profile] tonypepper here. 

Thanks for helping to keep me distracted everyone! 
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( Nov. 3rd, 2012 07:48 am)

It's been...surreal. Hopefully the next one will be. 
I just wanted to say, today was a good day. That's not a big deal. There have been about the usual mix of good days and bad days here lately and there was nothing particularly special about today. 

Just, today was a good day and sometimes it's nice to just notice that and appreciate it. Hope everyone else had a good one too. :) 
When I work out, at least while I'm on the treadmill, I'm one of those weirdos who reads. I like to think that I set up a fairly tough workout, or at least my body seems to vote for that. It complains. Loudly. So generally it helps to have something more than just my iPhone playing a workout playlist to suitably distract me and keep me on their for the length of time I set for myself. 

Long story long, yesterday I dug up Lyon's Pride on of Anne McCaffrey's Talent Series novels to read. Later on I got to thinking. I know that they're classified as Science Fiction. She was a Grand Master of Science Fiction. I'm just curious if she started writing today if her novels would still get put in the Scifi nitch. I...really don't think she would. Well, at least not the Talent series. And maybe not Pern. 

There is hard science to some degree in both series, more in the latter books in the first, when she had a tendency to go back and delve into how things started and explain them all after the mythology had already been firmly established. I think, the Pern series, at least, might get slotted more towards fantasy than science fiction. The dragons are a little hard to ignore. 

The thing is, Anne McCaffrey's novels always had a lot of romance in them. A lot of character. And there are dragons and magic teleportation/telepathy What I'm kind of getting at is wondering if Ms. McCaffrey wouldn't have gotten lumped in with the new paranormal/urban/romance genre that's sprung up around Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison just to name a few. 

Now I admit there are differences. In all those three, and most of the typical urban/paranormal thing, the world has a very distinctive feel. It's gritty, rough and tumble, dark; noir almost. That so does not apply to Anne McCaffrey's world. But the magic, the supernatural and the romance are all there. 

I dunno. It's just interesting to contemplate the changing face of science fiction , it's neglected step-sibling, fantasy  - and the authors who don't want to be included in either for whatever reason. 

The best part was? On the other end from the gaping maw and the stubby little t-rex arm? The end that wasn't pictured? It had a curly little tail. So freaking awesome.
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( Feb. 17th, 2012 09:17 pm)
Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] racethewind10

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1. What fandoms are you into watching/reading right now?

CASTLE, OMG! Can Castle and Beckett just please to be doing it already? Geez.

The Hollows - sort of, kind of. I don't know. There's something about Rachel that keeps me coming back to the books even when they're horrible. Kind of like Ivy to Rachel. But i'll get into that more with the next question. 

Grey's Anatomy - just because. It's a comfortable habit. I've watched since the beginning and Callie and Arizona, while are nothing necessarily to write home about, are hot and do not make me wanna cry or bang my head against a wall. 

Alphas - It's a new-ish Sci-fi show. So far my favorite character is the autistic kid who sees computer signals. Which, btw, awesome super power. I'd love to be able to jack into the internet with just my head. There's even some slight femslash potential. 

And last but not least, Venice. Hot actressess, the gay is front and center, and the soapy twists and turns are fun. I want the pay off, damn it and this brings it. There's also kick ass dramatic "oh-no-she-didn't" storylines as a bonus. Did I mention the hot lady sexy times? Because there are lots of those. 

2. Can Kim Harrison ever make me want to read the Hallows again? 

Oh god. Did you read Pale Demon? I mean it kind of sucked on the Rachel/Ivy front. Or was not the awesomeness of A Fistful of Charms, but it did have Rachel talking about not acting like an idiot and actually following through on that. Granted the compromise was Trent character assassination and making him act like an idiot, but apparently we, the reader, cannot have everything. I'm holding out for a happy Rachel/Ivy ending in the last sentence of the last paragraph of the last book. That will not be enough for most fans. Maybe if it was the whole last book? I don't know. She's done a lot to alienate her fans by this point. I guess something about Rachel's repeated idiocy just appeals to me. I find it amusing? I don't know. If I had to deal with her personally, it would not be with Ivy like results that's for sure. So I guess I'd say if there was anything that KH could do to win you back, it would probably be to let the characters return to acting how they were originally written, not they way they were written after their behavior freaked her out and made her run screaming back for the straight and narrow. 

That's why I'm hoping with her last book, and maybe financial constraints not as constrainty as in the middle of the series she'll give us Ravy. I hope. 

3. What are you doing for school/work these days? 

School. Mostly school. I was one very crammed semester short of finishing my A.A. so I'm going for it full tilt. Some days with more success than others. But I'll be done and that's progress. Work is the same old, same old. Winter isn't our busiest season, but we're actually building in the house so that's adding another special layer of crazy to things at the moment. What I would give for a sunny day and a quite space right now. 

4. hottest actresses on TV in no particular order

I'm cheating and going with some web series actresses. 

Crystal Chappell
Nadia Bjorlin
Jessica Leccia
Cote de Pablo
Eve Myles
Stana Katic
Oh! Oh! Sara Ramirez is smokin' hot! 
Yvonne Strahovski. I'd give at least my left hand to see her guest star on Castle as a fling Beckett had in college. Good. Fucking. God. 
And last but not least Jennifer Esposito and KaDee Strickland. I don't even watch Private Practice but I'm pretty sure it's the accent. And the kick as attitude. Hot.

5. Goals for writing? 

I want to write a novel. That sounds so cheesy right? Everyone says that. And I'm still kind of in that weird limbo stage. I don't really have a plot that is demanding me to write it yet. I kind of need that. There are a few fan fic things that I have in progress and want to write but nothing major. I've been getting the itch to write again lately, but I haven't had anything scream that it must be written. Which is probably good with the whole school consuming most of my waking hours thing I have going on right now. 

6. One thing on your "I wants" list?

An unlimited amount of money to spend on amazon.com so I could indulge my fancy for all-right-ish lesbian novels. Oh and I want The Grove webseries to start filming already. 

Edit - Apologies for the length. Does anyone need a cut? 
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( Feb. 13th, 2012 07:51 pm)
I miss writing. It's like an itch under my skin and too much caffeine all at once. I mean it's pretty damn sad that I had fun writing a class essay yesterday. Just because I was writing. And now with no more Venice recaps for a while. Sigh. :( 

Yay for more class essays?
I went back to school. I am taking...thinks hard...six classes: "Strategies for Success" (which is bullshit, don't get me started), "Intro to Inorganic Chemistry", "World Literature II" (fun times!), "Microeconomics", "US History II", and last but not least "Sociology". I say not least. In all fairness I really don't like that one. But I don't really think that's the point. :D 

Three of which are online courses. So I've been fairly slammed since the first of January. I haven't forgotten about the last piece of "5 Things Natalia Rivera Never Thought She'd See". It's back from the beta and everything. I just need to find the time to make the changes. Right now my spare time is pretty much going to watching Once Upon a Time, Castle, Grey's and Venice. And writing the Venice recap. But whenever that lets up or my classes suddenly, magically become easier I'll make those changes (or maybe after Venice disappears in two very sad weeks). At which point y'all will have totally forgotten about the fic anyway and couldn't care less. My bad. And the Christmas fic should get posted some time around July. Fun times! 

Anyway, that would be the state of the Jaina as it pertains to fandom. And my free time. 

Did I mention we're doing construction at my house also? And that the internet which is necessary for online classes has been intermittent at best? Mostly down. Also I'm allergic to sawdust. 
So I found these guides on a link from Gizmodo and while I'm normally so not the crafty type I just had to give them a try today for the heck of it. I have to say as frustrating as R2-D2 was I'm glad I did it. He so turned out better than I thought he would. So...yay! And now...pics or it didn't happen!!

Boba Fett! )

Yoda Man! )

That's Vader...Darth Vader )

Every sith lord needs incompetent underlings for cannon fodder! )

And where would a future Sith Lord be without making his own BFF? )

C-3PO's completely platonic lifemate, aka R2-D2 )
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( Oct. 7th, 2011 08:48 pm)
The above statement is probably not news to anyone who knows me. Or maybe in this case, I mean, I'm more of a realist. I grew up in a small town, but in a lot of ways it was more urban than rural. Nobody gave nobody nothing and if they did...well they didn't. A wave was a middle finger salute. No one ever made eye contact. 

I live...in a very different, very rural, very Southern place now. In some ways, I like it less. At least before I knew that people didn't give a shit. In some ways that blunt not-giving-a-damn is less stressful than the people who are super nice to my face, but talk vicious gossip behind my back. This post, however, is not about that. 

It's about today when I was in the chiropractor's office waiting for someone and working on my latest knitting project. I dropped a stitch and didn't realize until a couple of rows later. There are multiple problems here. One I'm not really sure how to re-catch the stitch and two, I really blow at "ripping" out on knitting. It's a skill in and of itself. Destruction is usually easy. Controlled destruction...not so much. 

So I call Mom mildly freaking out because, well, this project had not been going my way and this whole damn thing was set to unravel. Literally. 

She tells me to go to this yarn shop that I'd seen before but never been in. I...don't normally do things like that, but I was desperate. So I go...in a hurry, cause I'm trying to squeeze this in between some other appointment that I'm chauffeuring someone too. The shop looks really crappy from the outside. White concrete block, with the paint chipping away, a faded yellow-green sign, advertising basically a junk shop, and only a tiny sign mentioning yarn. My heart...well, it hasn't risen enough to sink, but if it had...it would have. 

I dart on inside, dragging my knitting with me and see...no one. It smells faintly musty. Worse, I see no yarn. Then I go a little further and there it is. Yarn. Tons of it. Shelves and shelves. Gorgeous and ex-pen-sive.  I know expensive. I'm good at picking it out - and lusting - and putting it back down. It's a skill. Anyway. 

All the way in the back, three ladies are sitting around a big oval table. Two have knitting in their hands. The oldest, a white haired woman is reading a large print book. Of the other two, one is clearly the shop owner, the second has long salt-n-pepper hair and is covered in tattoos. 

I am already, immediately, telling my story of woe and the shop owner gets up to take a look. I'm a bit worried, because they haven't said much. 

Before I know it though the shop owner has me in a chair, then she's darting off to take care of a delivery man while the long-haired woman is looking at my knitting. By some strange coincidence, we were working the same pattern today. I show her my problem. She hums and twists and turns. Then starts undoing, and tugging, and the shop owner comes back with a crochet hook. At one point it falls out and my heart stops.  A loop almost falls off the end. Good thing my heart was still not beating. She does...something that I still can't quite fathom or figure out what the fuck she was doing. Then she...took the loops that she'd had half on one stuck, undoing, and re-knitted them onto the other stick? I'll be honest, that was way above my fucking paygrade too. 

Long story short, these three ladies made me feel comfortable, saved my ass, and made me feel welcome at their table, their circle, and told me to come back whenever. And they asked nothing for it. 

I could say it was nothing really, but it was time and skilled labor. It wasn't sentiment; it was nothing personal, and they got nothing from it. I still don't even know their names. Though I did almost hug them. I don't know. It felt old-fashioned, and old-timey, like something that's rare and doesn't happen anymore. People caring about other people and helping, just because they can, not because it will better them or help them in some way. 

It was nice. And I'll be going back there to make some really nice yarn purchase in the future. Just as soon as I figure out a project worthy of their yarn. 
Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.

So I've been told that I'm secretive and mysterious - which fair enough. *grin* I'll admit it's intentional in part. Before coming to hang out on IF I was an administrator on a board that had a group of people that really HATED it. And were using any information available to make people's lives hell, both on and offline. 

One friend of mine of that board left some of her personal information a little too visible on Facebook - back in the olden days when you could only join if you were a student - and ended up getting harassed over the phone by some dude multiple states away. And then there was the married dude who tried to chat me up - as a "friend" - wanted to come visit me, and then after very narrowly declining his request, found out that he was divorcing his wife and there was some question of getting brought up on charges for statutory rape. 

Which is to say those kind of things have made me understandably cagey with personal information. 

But I have no problem with the Crew's curiosity. Mainly my information hiding ways are a result of leftover bad experiences and starting out in online communities as an underage user - the less I said about myself and my age, the better. 

However, I'm offering now, ask me anything you want...and I'll answer. Fulfill your curiosity. 
It lasted exactly a week, and we covered approximately 4,295 miles.  My new and improved state map. If I'm feeling less tired/more enthusiastic I'll post more later. 

visited 22 states (44%)
Create your own visited map of The United States
The kid is in to abso-fucking-lutely everything these days. Drawers, shelves, everything. So much rearranging. Today I come out from the kitchen and she standing in the middle of the room, clutching her hand between her legs and squealing. Honestly, it looked like a pee-dance more than anything else. And I wasn't totally listening because well, she talks A LOT. 


Finally I start listening and she's saying something scared her. So I start paying more attention. And then she says something "got her"...which she says all the time, but I finally realized she was pointing at the desk drawer so I went and looked. And she was right something got her. Hee.

I've probably mentioned it before, but when we had a trail ride we used to have this little brown wooden box, no labels or anything that'd sit on the counter where people came in. It had a little button on the top to slide it open. Of course when you did slide it open, the spider popped up from inside and landed on your hand. I've seen grown people hurl glasses of ice tea across the room when that thing comes out to slap their hand. It's awesome. 

And that was totally what the kid had found in the drawer - scared the crap out of her when it tapped her hand. I was all strict and stern and let that be a lesson to you, but oh god it was so hard not to die laughing right there on the spot. Hee. I had to go share with the Kid's mom and accompanying adults immediately. It was just too good.

I couldn't have PLANNED it any better. :D 
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( Nov. 14th, 2010 10:03 pm)
So I used to know this girl, Cindy - who was dating my brother at the time - and she swore that she believed in ghosts. ::looks around furtively:: Don't tell, but I don't. It's not that I rule out the possibility, greater things on heaven and earth and all that, it's just that I don't have any personal experience. 

Anyway, she swore she was a believer because she'd been on this hill because someone told her to go, put her car in neutral and the car rolled UP the hill. She swore this was for real. I was skeptical, but having no good scientific explanation, I kept my trap shut. But turns out I was right! Gravity hills, ya'll! I'm not making this shit up. 

According to Io9: 

Ames also helped explain scientifically the seemingly mystical phenomenon known as gravity hills. These are natural places where the surroundings are positioned just right to create the illusion that a slight downhill slope is actually an uphill slope. This can make rivers appear to flow uphill, or a car left in neutral seemingly roll upwards. This might be the most powerful illusion Ames discovered - after all, it's an optical illusion that forces our brains to override our understanding of the law of gravity itself.

How freaking cool is that? So awesome! I want to go find one of these now.

Also, I was totally right! (Okay, so they broke up and she went a little crazy. It's not like I can gloat to her, so I have to gloat to you guys. But it's still cool!) 
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( Aug. 26th, 2010 07:18 pm)
Does being forced to watch Fox News count as exercise? It raises my blood pressure for extended periods of time. 
Just wanted  to remind folks that the auction for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti ends at 6:00 AM Eastern Time, January 20th, if you're interested in participating.  The current bid is $25.

What I'm offering: One fan fic of at least 2,500 words.

Fandoms: NCIS (Abby/Ziva, Abby/Kate, Jenny/Ziva), Star Wars (Jaina/Jag, Han/Leia, Luke/Mara, Ben, Tahiri/Anakin, Syal/Jaina, Jaina/Tenel Ka), Alias (Syd/Vaughn, Jack/Irina), Grey's Anatomy (Meredith/Addison), Rachel Morgan (Rachel/Ivy, Ivy/Skimmer), Fried Green Tomatoes (Ruth/Idgie), Guiding Light (Olivia/Natalia), and Good Wife (Kalinda/Alicia).

Additional Info: The above pretty much states what pairings or fandoms I'm willing to write, but if you know I've written it before, feel free to ask and I might be willing to go there again.  I won't write smut, or dub/non-con.  I will write angst or fluff  and I'm more than willing to work with any prompt you have. 

Here's a link to bid/participate, and just remember if my fan fic doesn't float your boat there are hundreds of other fan fic authors participating as well!
I don't often jump on the bandwagon, because I'm never sure how much things like this really make a difference, but this I really wanted to help out with. So here we go.

What I'm offering: One fan fic of at least 2,500 words.

Fandoms: NCIS (Abby/Ziva, Abby/Kate, Jenny/Ziva), Star Wars (Jaina/Jag, Han/Leia, Luke/Mara, Ben, Tahiri/Anakin, Syal/Jaina, Jaina/Tenel Ka), Alias (Syd/Vaughn, Jack/Irina), Grey's Anatomy (Meredith/Addison), Rachel Morgan (Rachel/Ivy, Ivy/Skimmer), Fried Green Tomatoes (Ruth/Idgie), Guiding Light (Olivia/Natalia), and Good Wife (Kalinda/Alicia).

Additional Info: The above pretty much states what pairings or fandoms I'm willing to write, but if you know I've written it before, feel free to ask and I might be willing to go there again.  I won't write smut, or dub/non-con.  I will write angst or fluff  and I'm more than willing to work with any prompt you have. 

Starting Bid: $10.

You can find information on how to bid/donate here, if you're interested.

There are also a lot more people who are participating in this, so if perhaps you're not interested in a fic written by me, go and check out the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti community. There are literally hundreds of other people participating.
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( Dec. 19th, 2008 01:41 pm)
Okay, so I'm kinda stressed and depressed today.  To help me get out of my funk, I thought it might be fun to take a few fic prompts.

So...prompt me with a word or phrase, fandom, and pairing (if you want something specific) and I'll write you a little ficlet.


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