So, if you haven't heard about it yet, there's a new community out there for reccing femslash stories from any fandom. It's called [ profile] femslash_recs. Pretty easy to remember, that.

Point is I thought I'd make a rec post for some of my favorite NCIS fics. Anyone can make a rec post so if you feel like sharing your favorite femslash stories with the rest of us, this is the place to do it!

In no particular order, my recs:

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A look at Ziva only a few months after she's come to NCIS, and still dealing with Ari's death as well as struggling to get along with her new colleagues. No particular pairing, although you might could see Abby/Ziva if you squinted really hard. It's not really what the fic is about, however.
Bittersweet by [ profile] twoweevils
Pairing: Jenny Shepard/Ziva David. A pre-series fic exploring Ziva and Jenny's past missions and past relationship. More than that it also explores a lot of what Ziva's actually thinking. Honestly it's hard to mention this fic without mentioning [ profile] skripka's Cairo, which pretty much started all of the Ziva/Jenny fics to follow, but sadly it's flocked these days.
Stray Moment by [ profile] thenewhope
Pairing: Ziva David/ Kate Todd. Set before Kate's death obviously. A random encounter that's really not so random. Kate and Ziva are interesting whenever they meet up in fic and this is no exception. I'd say if I had to describe this fic in one word I'd probably go for 'eerie'.
As If We Were Already Gone by [ profile] thought_goddess
Pairing: Ziva David/Abby Sciuto. What can the future hold for these two very different women? A slightly angsty look at the way they work it out.

Death Is That State by [ profile] rysler.
Pairing: Ziva David/Jenny Sheppard. A darker look at the relationship between Ari and Ziva. While it ends up being Jenny/Ziva it also focuses on Ziva's relationship with Gibbs as well. A good fic, but not for the faint of heart or easily squicked. You have been warned.
Loyalty by [ profile] kylielee1000
Jenny Sheppard, Ziva David. An exploration of Ziva's loyalty, and how she thinks about all of the conflicts of her job. A good character piece.
Lessons Learned From American Television by [ profile] rysler
Pairing: Ziva David/Abby Sciuto. Ziva saves Abby's life. Basically I love anything by Rysler. This is just a sweet, awesome, well written fic.
Lambada Weekend by [ profile] rysler
Pairing: Jenny Sheppard/Ziva David. This fic is so much fun. Jenny and Ziva have to go undercover as a couple at a ski resort. It's Abby that almost steals the fic, however and it is hilarious!
A Good And Sweet Year by [ profile] thenewhope 
Pairing: Abby Sciuto/Ziva David. A very sweet and beautiful look at the way that Abby and Ziva's relationship changes and grows. Set after Gibbs leaves.

Femslash by Telegram by [ profile] cayliss 
Pairing: Jenny Sheppard/Ziva David.  The writing style is what makes this unique.  It manages to add to the story instead of detract from it and it's an excellent story indeed, told in glimpses of images. 

Disclosure and Proposal by [ profile] ariestess 
Pairing: Ziva David/Abby Sciuto. Ariestess says it best: "Ziva's past catches up with her present". I'm a sucker for any fic involving Ziva's past, especially her Dad and how it influences her life in the present. This fic captures all of that perfectly.

The Right Life: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by [ profile] cirroco_desade 
Pairing: Ziva David/Abby Sciuto.  There are three things that I dearly love about this story. 1)The excellent writing, 2) the length, this fic is long and boy is it good, 3) [ profile] cirroco_desade doesn't forget that there are other characters even though Ziva and Abby are pretty much the focus. There are not words for how much I love this fic. You must go read it now.

The Goth Who Came to Dinner by [ profile] geonncannon 
Pairing: Kate Todd/Abby Sciuto. Kate's parents show up at her apartment unexpectedly one morning. Abby is still there. Kate has to navigate the tricky line between loving Abby and being scared to death to tell her parents about them. This fic also manages to be pretty dang hilarious while its at it.  And while you're looking for good Kate/Abby fics I'd pretty much recommend that you go read everything at [ profile] geonn_ncis. I'm pretty sure there's nothing there that isn't pretty awesome.

The Other Woman by [ profile] geonncannon 
Pairing: Kate Todd/Paula Cassidy, Kate Todd/Abby Sciuto.  This is a fairly rare pairing. I'm not sure why, because it's a lot of fun to read about. 
Summer Camp by [ profile] shatterpath 
Pairing: Kate Todd/Ziva David.  Kate's still angsting about Tony's death, and Ziva isn't sure how to deal with her angry combative partner.  Hijinks and evil plans by Abby ensue. Fun times! 
Penance by [ profile] geonncannon 
Pairing: Kate Todd/Ziva David.  I love fics that take little bits of canon that would go almost unnoticed and run with them.  This one does that and beautifully.

ETA: Apologies to my flist for the length, but if I fix the cut, everything goes all to hell, and I've already spent half the day on this. case by some miracle you like to read femslashy NCIS fan fic, or you know, you write it and you haven't heard yet, I'd like to say two things.

1. Why haven't you heard yet? What do you mean you aren't a member of [ profile] ncis_femslash? Go join, stat! Right now! You don't need to watch no stinkin' debate. Go!

2. [ profile] ncis_femslash is holding it's second ficathon, starting now! Sign ups last from now until the end of October. Don't miss out! This season shows more promise than ever and now's your chance to participate. Don't let it slip past you.

Sign up for the Second (Not Annual) NCIS Femslash Ficathon today!

So the answer to whether or not to hold another ficathon over at [ profile] ncis_ficathon was an overwhelming unconditional 'yes'. 

The answers for when to hold it were a bit more varied so, I decided to have another poll about it.  I'd really appreciate your thoughts on it here.

Hi Flist! *waves* 

Look, odds are you're here for the NCIS related content.  Or you're a DLC'er - in which case...hi guys! Or maybe you just for some reason think I'm cool or interesting.  What was I thinking? Nah...probably not. 

Anyway, back to the NCIS related content! I'm thinking of having another ficathon over at [ profile] ncis_femslash  so you should totally go over there and check out the discussion about the upcoming future ficathon and leave your thoughts on the matter.  It would be muchly appreciated.  

A click of the banner will take you to the discussion:

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( Jul. 7th, 2008 09:47 pm)
The other reason that I wanted to quit the DLC was because I've kind of been neglecting the fic writing and [community profile] ncis_femslash.  So tonight I made a few changes that have been simmering in the back of my mind for a while now and proposed a few ideas that I'd like to get a little bit of community feedback on.  I hope people take the time to have a look and leave their thoughts on it.   I'd really like some feedback (heh, like that's new).  There is nothing that I hate more than the feeling of talking to myself. 
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( Dec. 27th, 2007 10:06 am)
I see lots of femslashy vids for other fandoms, but I don't really remember seeing any femslashy vids for NCIS?  Am I just blind? Or looking in the wrong places?  Is there a website for that or someone that does a lot of it? 

I'm just curious. 
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( Oct. 4th, 2007 12:59 pm)
So...I've got the community mostly up and running...I think.  I've got rules. I've got banners.  Four of 'em actually, that I guess I'll switch out from time to time.  You can see 'em here if you'd like:





And I've got a community icon.  Real soon like I'm gonna post a few of my fics over there.  Am I forgetting anything?  I kinda wanted to have everything look as nice as possible before I start advertising the community around.  Any suggestions? 

Anyone willing to post some of their own NCIS fics there?  Pretty please?  Anyone?  Bueller? 


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