Title: Heart’s Desire
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters: Regina Mills, Emma Swan, Henry Mills
Category: Fluff? A smidge of angst. idk.
Rating: PG-13, with one f-word sprinkled in there.
Word count: 3,070
Summary: After Regina gets flung into the clock tower, after her chat with Robin, Emma comes looking for her.
Spoilers/Timeline: 3x16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green” coda.
Author’s Note: I originally started writing this for Swan Queen Week’s Day 1 prompt of “Awkward Situation” and then decided that it could fit under “Care Giving” and then finally finished writing the thing today. So yeah. There’s that. Timely as always.

"Regina!" Emma had knocked. Several times. And she would swear to that under oath - or on pain of fireball. Whichever one was necessary after Regina found out Emma had picked the lock on her back door and let herself into the mayoral mansion.

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